Our senior pets require just as much attention and vet care as when they are puppies as this is when they need some help when certain parts of their body aren’t functioning as well as they used to. Some simple things you can do to help them during this stage of life include:

  • lean weight
  • adjusting diet-specific foods aimed at senior pets, and/or with joint support
  • controlled exercise
  • regular 6 – 12 month check-ups at the vet to help diagnose any surfacing conditions

There is a dedicated page on this website for arthritis listed under the common conditions heading menu.

If your senior pet seems healthy but experiences or displays any of the below signs please book them in for a check-up as these can be indicators of a number of serious conditions:

  • weight loss
  • excessive drinking and urinating
  • reduced appetite
  • loss of muscle over spine
  • bad breath
  • lethargy
  • difficulty when first getting up
  • increased appetite
  • vomiting intermittently
  • coughing intermittently
  • reduced exercise tolerance
  • lumps that have been there for years but are now growing
  • darker faeces

Please contact us on 02 42614055 if you would like to discuss any of the above in further detail.