Heartworm is a disease that can affect dogs of all ages and breeds, and prevention is much easier than a cure! This parasite is transmitted by mosquitoes and is not spread from dog to dog. Heartworm is present in most parts of Australia where mosquitoes are prevalent.

Heartworm is particularly dangerous because, unlike intestinal worms, the adult worms lodge in the base of the heart. This can have serious consequences, even once identified and treatment is started. Signs of heartworm infestation can include lethargy, exercise intolerance, and coughing.

There are many effective options available for heartworm prevention, catering to every pet’s preference. These include annual injections given at the clinic, monthly chews, and spot-on treatments. If your pet hasn’t had any prevention before, we strongly advise performing a heartworm blood test before starting any product and then repeating it six months later. This ensures there is no mild infestation of heartworm that needs to be treated.

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