Cockatiel Care FAQs


What should I feed my cockatiel?

A good diet is very important in birds, as in itself can prevent a range of health conditions. Good quality small parrot diet should be out all the time (Vetafarm is a good brand), along with some fresh vegetables and fruits (including but not limited to apples – no seeds, blueberries, rockmelon, mango, capsicum, carrot, zucchini). Seeds should also be given to encourage foraging (but should not be all they are fed). Mineral blocks can also be offered.

Parasite Prevention

Do I need to give my cockatiel need any regular worming, mite, lice protection?

 If your bird is housed indoors then nothing regular is required. If your bird is housed outdoors then please come and see us for advice.

Wing Clipping

Do I need to have my cockatiel's wings clipped?

Free flight is very good for exercise and overall health however if there is a significant risk of escape then this can be necessary. It is recommended that young birds learn to fly before their wings are clipped.

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