Surgical & Medical Procedures

We offer an extensive range of surgical and medical procedures

Our Animal Hospital has been evolving its surgical and medical procedure capabilities for over 40 years. We employ staff with advanced surgical and medical knowledge and perform high quality surgical and medical procedures to achieve the best possible outcomes for your pet. The health of your pet is our first and most important priority.

Here are just a few examples of the procedures that we perform at the clinic on a daily basis: 


At Dapto Veterinary Clinic, we generally recommend desexing your cat at 4 months of age and dogs at 6 months of age, if they are not being used for breeding purposes. There are certain situations however where we may recommend a different age – please call and discuss desexing with one of our veterinarians if you have any questions or concerns.

The desexing procedure requires your animal to undergo a general anaesthetic and spend the day in hospital. This procedure is much more invasive for female pets (compared to males), and they are generally quite subdued for the first couple of days after surgery.


If your pet has an unusual lump or bump, we advise that you book in for a consultation to see one of our experienced vets. The vet can then determine if surgery is required. If needed, we can also send a sample of the lump to a laboratory for testing to determine its exact nature and the likelihood of it causing further problems.

If a caesarean is required for your pet, we have full surgical facilities to perform this procedure. If you are concerned about your pregnant pet please call 02 4261 4055. If this number is called after our hours of operation, we have an answering service which will offer the after-hours contact number.

Our experienced veterinarians are able to competently perform most orthopaedic surgeries, including procedures which many other Vet Clinics would choose to refer. This allows not only for local treatment and management but also significant cost savings. Common procedures successfully performed at the clinic for more than four decades include:

  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair
  • Fracture Repair – both surgical and casting where appropriate
  • Patella Tendon Transplant
  • Femoral Head Resection
  • Reduction and Stabilisation of Dislocations
  • Amputation (where necessary)

Sometimes like ourselves, our pets require some dentistry. Here at Dapto Veterinary Clinic we have the facilities to take care of all your pets’ dental health, from extractions and cleans to dental specific diets. If your pet has discoloured teeth or bad breath, please give us a call to book a consultation.

We are currently promoting dental health and are offering FREE dental examinations to all customers. While we have seen a few patients that did not require dental scaling/polishing (owners leaving with peace of mind), the vast majority have required a full clean and/or starting at-home dental health practices (e.g. dental chews).

Call us to book in your free dental examination today 02 4261 4055.


Here at the clinic, we have full radiographic imaging facilities using the latest in digital processing which allows us to have fast diagnostic results. For the radiographs to be of good quality and value, we need your animal to be perfectly still and thus in many cases, the animal may require sedation or a general anaesthetic. If you believe your pet requires a radiograph please book in for a consultation.


Our vets will often use the ultrasound machine to help with the examination of your pet. The ultrasound allows the vets to see what’s happening inside your pet in a non-invasive manner.


If we have seen your pet for an ongoing eye problem that is proving difficult to resolve, we are able to refer them to a vet ophthalmologist from The Sydney Eye Clinic for Animals. If a specialist appointment is required, you don’t need to travel the distance to their Sydney Clinic as once a month or so one of the eye specialists visits Dapto Veterinary Clinic for your convenience.


We are privileged to have access to Dr Neil Hannan, a mobile veterinary surgeon and senior lecturer of small animal surgery at the University of Sydney. Neil can be available at our clinic to perform any complex orthopaedic or soft tissue surgeries that may otherwise require travelling to Sydney.


We have our own modern blood machines that enable us to get results for comprehensive blood tests very quickly when required thus improving the outcome for your pet. We also have a microscope  which helps provide answers for an array of medical and potentially surgical problems  – for example skin/ear conditions, determining what kind of lump your pet has,  if your pet has worms, identifying ticks and mites, examining urine etc.


We use Vetnostics as our external laboratory where we send samples when we want the opinion of veterinary pathologists. This is to aid with diagnosing conditions that are more complex, and allows us to give you the best possible treatment plan for your pet.  Samples that we send away include urine, faeces, specific blood tests, lumps or masses, other bodily fluids.

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