Our Vet Nurses

Caring and compassionate nursing team

We have an amazing team of Veterinary Nurses who are always more than happy to help. Whether it’s finding the best diet to suit your pets needs or giving that little bit extra TLC when your beloved pet is staying in hospital, our girls will be there to lend a hand.


Veterinary Nurse


About Lauren

Lauren is an experienced vet nurse who completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2012. Lauren came to the clinic in August 2012 after spending many years working at Symbio Wildlife Park where she was involved in the daily care of many animals, both Australian and exotic.

Lauren brings to the clinic an extreme enthusiasm and energy for animal care and customer service, as well as an extensive knowledge of Australian wildlife.


Veterinary Nurse


About Terry

On the 2nd October 2020, Terry joined the Dapto Veterinary Clinic team. We are extremely pleased to have her onboard! Terry has been a human nurse for like “forever” and always wanted to be a vet nurse! Terry has pretty much worked at every hospital in the Illawarra. Terry figured it was a now or never decision, so when the opportunity arose to make the transition from caring for humans to caring for animals at Dapto Vet Clinic, she jumped on it and is not looking back!

Terry has an extremely pregnant foster cat, 2 horses and a dog and was also born and bred in the Illawarra.


Veterinary Nurse

About Kasey

Kasey is “personally very animal obsessed”. Kasey has owned dogs, lizards, mice, yabbies, and fostered baby joeys for WIRES. She currently has 2 dogs; a border collie (Ellie) and a blue heeler (Sadie), and is looking into getting a snake with her partner.

Kasey started her Certificate 2 for Animal Health in 2020 through her school (over 2 years), and will be commencing a Certificate 3 next year. Kasey feels happy and grateful for the opportunity to secure a traineeship at Dapto Veterinary Clinic, and cannot wait to learn how to be a qualified vet nurse.

Kasey is born and bred in Dapto and has travelled many countries, seeing many strange and beautiful animals.


Veterinary Nurse

About Shauny

Shauny has been a Veterinary Nurse since 2014 after completing certificate IV in veterinary nursing. She grew up with a passion for small animals including rodents, reptiles and avian.

Shauny enjoys meeting all clients and their pets, and loves sharing her knowledge to help their needs.

In her spare time she loves spending time with family pets (Sky- husky, Ruby- border collie x retriever, Sox-cranky DSH, Titan- DSH) and her own pets Stella- DSH and Max- bull arab.


Veterinary Nurse

About Katie

Katie joined the Dapto Veterinary Clinic team in 2023 after making the move to the Illawarra from
the Blue Mountains. Growing up she was always surrounded by a large variety of animals. She had
many different pets and assisted her dad who was a WIRES carer. Katie also spent time as a
volunteer at a local wildlife park. Katie has a passion for small animals and has a particular interest in cats.
Currently at home she has many pets including Merlin the Norwegian Forest Cat, Maisy the
Domestic Shorthair, Zeus the American Staffy, Duckie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Franklin
the Murray River Turtle. In her spare time she loves spending time with her son, partner, family and


Veterinary Nurse

 About Kallie

Kallie has been a vet nurse since 2015. She completed her Veterinary Nurse Certificate IV training
here at Dapto Vet in 2014/2015. After completing her studies with us she got a job at Oak Flats Vet,
where she worked for 7 years, seeing mostly dogs and cats with some pocket pets here and there.
Kallie is excited to be back at the clinic that launched her vet nurse career and be back working in
Dapto where she grew up.

Kallie has a Thoroughbred horse named Zeus, 2 dogs, Harry Spotter the Dalmatian and Luna the
Border Collie and a collection of different parrot species including cockatiels, rainbow lorikeets and
sun conures.In her spare time, she likes to do creative things like painting and crochet which she recently got
back into, her favourite things to make are of course animals!

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